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Statewide Health Information Policy Manual (SHIPM)

CDII developed the Statewide Health Information Policy Manual (SHIPM) to provide State Departments with a resource that:

  • Provides guidance on how to protect patient privacy while promoting coordinated care,
  • Promotes uniform interpretation and application of health information laws including those relating to security, patients’ rights, and transactions and code sets, and
  • Helps state entities avoid fines and sanctions resulting from unauthorized disclosures of health information.

The SHIPM is a living document and is updated annually with changes to state or federal law. The most recent version of SHIPM is available on our website. Contact CDII for previous versions of SHIPM.

  • SHIPM – revision 6/2023
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2022
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2021
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2020
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2019
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2018
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2017
  • SHIPM – revision 9/2016
  • SHIPM – revision 6/2016
  • SHIPM – initial version 6/2015

Questions or comments about the SHIPM can be sent