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Operations and Policy

Essential to governance, CDII’s Policy and Governance  division is dedicated to ensuring standards and best practices are met by CalHHS Agency’s departments and offices. The division reviews and revises policy ensuring accountability in a unified approach.

Insights Lab

The Insights Lab (INL) is CDII’s data science, engineering, and service management division delivering on the Center’s mission to improve data processes and knowledge management within CalHHS departments. INL is responsible for developing and managing future data initiatives within CalHHS and providing solutions to data sharing, data-science research hubs, and visualization of data metrics and analytics.

Data Exchange Framework

California’s first-ever statewide Data Exchange Framework will accelerate and expand the safe, equitable, and efficient exchange of information among health care and social service organizations to create a healthier California for all.

Agency Data Hub

The Agency Data Hub (or ‘Data Hub’) is the secure, cloud-based data-sharing ecosystem for sharing data among CalHHS departments/offices and with outside researchers. Its purpose is to transform program centric analytics into person centered insights and promote collaboration by reducing the burden and barriers for finding, requesting, sharing, and using data. CDII has designed and deployed several early phase Data Hub capabilities and is ready to build-out a more comprehensive set of services.