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Data Resources

California Data and Data Sharing Resources

Access public data from CalHHS departments in the Open Data Portal, data dictionaries, and the CalHHS Data Playbook. Learn more about confidential and secure data sharing under the Data Exchange Framework.

Data Exchange Framework

The Data Exchange Framework will accelerate the exchange of health and social service information among California health care, government agencies, and social services programs.

Open Data Portal

Public access to non-confidential health and human services data.

About CDII’s Data Journey

CalHHS’ data journey has passed many milestones as we advance our data efforts. Future success is dependent on effectively gathering, managing, and analyzing data. CDII is here to help meet those goals of increased data sharing in secure environments. Our journey continues.

Important Milestones

  • 2021 Center for Data Insights and Innovation established
  • 2020 RDH Pilot Expanded to become the Agency Data Hub
  • 2020 Agency Data Hub Pilot launched
  • 2020 CalHHS Program Dashboard updated
  • 2019 CalHHS Agency-wide Data Literacy survey released
  • 2018 Record Reconciliation Proof of Concept launched
  • 2017 Data Sharing Framework developed
  • 2016 Data De-Identification Guidelines established
  • 2016 CalHHS Data Playbook developed
  • 2015 Open Data Handbook published
  • 2014 Open Data Portal launched

More Information

Follow @CHHSDataNews on Twitter for updates on new datasets.

The CalHHS Program Dashboard contains participation data related to seven California Health & Human Services agency programs.